So on to Love Letter, the hottest little Latin adulteress

Seriously, Love Letter is a beautiful full-figured brunette with brown eyes and a short bob haircut, so if you like girls with short hair, check out Raylin Ann. She’s hot, and so few girls have cute short hair. She has nice real boobs and pretty skin and after I got into the scene a little bit, I saw she has a really pretty pink pussy, too. My favorite part about this scene was … well, besides loving Raylin Ann and his perfect perfect body … is when they are in the spoon position and he takes out his dick, smacks her pussy with it, and then puts it back in. That part was great. We were just talking about pussy smacking on the message board today, but I usually see it (and do it) with my hand or his hand, but I love the smacking it with his dick before sliding it back in her pussy. And you gotta love a swallower. When he cums on her face, a lot of it goes on her chin, but she swallows what goes in her mouth and licks it with her finger and sucks it off the tip of his dick. Yum.

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