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She starts taking off her clothes, showing him her Naughty Teacher lingerie. JULIAN passionately grabs her face and starts kissing her. Fondling her big breasts, he’s impressed with her nipple size. What is it about large nipples that you guys love so much? He puts her on the desk, throws her back, spreads her teacher pussy apart and licks the shit out of her clit. JULIAN doesn’t stop there. He slips two fingers in her pussy finger banging her hard. “I like the way you finger bang that pussy!” Now she wants to see what she gets to work with. Mrs. Renee Barefoot Maniacs gets on her knees and sucks his cock, but she doesn’t have all day and there’s alot of work to be done.

JULIAN rams his cock in her wet sexy teacher pussy. Doing her missionary, his grade is improving with every stroke. “Fuck that pussy!” Bent over her desk in doggie position she asks ”Do those freshman girls let you do this?” Wow the next position is interesting. Renee Barefoot Maniacs shows JULIAN that not only is she a professor, but also a contortionist. She puts one leg behind her head so he can penetrate her as deep as possible. “I’ll make sure your my star pupil.” As his freshman cum sprays all over her face

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