Outtakes can be sexy too!

So if you’re a member of my site, you’ve probably noticed the flood of new outtake picture updates. I really don’t mind if you never check that section of my site, but I can’t really take it off as apparently some of you are huge fans lol. I didn’t just treat you with some juicy bloopers, there’s also a couple of new proper photo sets and some hot videos too. Updating my members area is a lot of work but a lot of fun too. In one of their descriptions I mentioned something about this “Bob” moving in, and if you’ve read my diary in the past few weeks, you might guess who Bob is… Yes, I’ve got a kitten! And my old cat is happy as ever… I wish! For a week she just hissed at him if he came near her. Towards me she was moody as ever, which has never happened before, so I made sure she got some extra attention too. As Bob grew a little (they grow so fast!!!), it became VERY hard to keep 2 cats happy and out of trouble, Bob is always pulling down curtains and chewing my toes. Finally a few days ago I started to see some progress as these two babies started to play together! And by playing I mean that Bob started to let Siiri taste her own medicine and stood up for himself, so they got into fights countless times a day. Luckily no-one got hurt (except mommy), and constant fighting turned into some playful wrestling, and now whenever they are not sleeping they are chasing each other around the house. It’s quite heart-warming to watch your kids play 🙂 Occasinally Siiri tolerates Bob enough to let him sleep next to her, and even licks him! I’ve got a few video clips of her cleaning him up, I might upload them to the candid video section, so all cat lovers keep an eye out for them! Even if you don’t like cats, I’m sure you guys out there love pussy, some come to my members area!

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