Outdoor Shoot

I went for a bicycle trip yesterday and stopped for a drink and now I have mosquito bites all over me. It didn’t exactly help that I took all my clothes off either hehe. I think you can see the bites on my ass in a couple of pictures in yesterdays update… They didn’t look bad then but I’m sure you can imagine what my butt looks like after 24 hours of continuous scratching! It’s like I suddenly have a latina ass. Except that mines all red and deformed. I guess it’s better than nothing 😛 Sorry I shouldn’t turn you off like this. You probably came here for a wank and checked out my diary for detailed descriptions of my wild sexual adventures only to read that I have been scrathing my ass for the past 24 hours. If I haven’t ruined your appetite for porn yet,go and check out the new pics while they’re hot! I will be making some new ones as soon as my ass turns from bright red to pale white again. Maybe some man cream would help, hehe. I hear it’s great for your skin

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