My Naughty russian KATRINA BANGS

KATRINA BANGS is so much fun to watch … a russian brown-eyed beauty with smooth golden skin and a beautiful tight body, with small natural breasts. She is so cute and full of energy as she hits on Nikolay who hired her to clean his apartment that her body dances around in anticipation. She seems so eager for him that in no time at all, she is grinding his lap and sucking his cock. Soon after that, Nikolay is eating her pussy, and I like how he does it … combined with a little ass tonguing and ass poking with his finger. I love a little finger in the ass … mmmmm, yeah … makes me wet!! And while he’s eating her pussy, she slaps and pulls on her boobs. You can tell she’s really hot and horny for him, and that makes for a good scene, and she just loves the size of his big cock. Her small firm body looks great with his big cock driving her crazy, and I love how into him she is. If she’s excited, it makes the viewer excited, too, right? Throughout the scene, her tiny body is very receptive to him, and the combo of her nice little body and cute tight ass with his big cock make them look so great together. He gives it to her deep, and she loves it and begs for more. What more can you ask for, really? To be honest, I don’t always like this hot scenes, but I liked this one. They were having fun together,

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