Mia Malkova Diary - I Scratch

Well, I have absolutely nothing to do today. I have finished all my work and I don’t really have any major projects going on so it’s just me and some magazines and the TV. I am actually enjoying vegging out today for once. I get so used to running around and attending parties all the time, that I never actually sit still anymore. LOL I think I will polish the nails and maybe give myself a moisturizing facial in a little while. I ended up stripping and getting a little kinky. It was pretty hot, and you know how much I love getting my clit pleased, and this thing has an attachment that does the trick very nicely! LOL I guess this will be my new best friend for a while, and I will put the pink wonder away for at least a little while while I break in the new toy. Hope you all are having lots of fun and I am always thinking about you! Especially in those naughty times! Hehehe! I love you!

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