Kim Kardashian full sex tape

Happy Birthday Pariс, you slut. I was putting together a new Celebrity last night whe I just happened to notice that yesterday was her birthday. I’ve had this clip of her practicing lines for what I must assume is a directors reading (since there has been no "Tinsil Town" buzz about her doing a movie) and of course, being Paris she just had to do the reading into her webcam topless….perhaps bottomless too but you don’t get to see whether she is totally in her birthday suit or not….and figured that as my birthday present to her I’d let her show off her titties. Look like she is god fucking. Why the fuck doesn’t she just go with her true feelings and become the porn star she seems to really want to be. I’m sure that there would be webmasters like myself lining up at her doorway for the opportunity to build a site for her. One where her and her friends, Brittney, Kim Kardashian, etc., can all just be honest and let their true fucking desires show. Instead of all this pretend, leaked sex tape crap. Which is pure bullshit publicity crap. The tapes couldn’t be distributed in any form without consent so the lawsuits and what not are just nothing more than to make sure that the word gets out. While Paris really isn’t my personal cup of tea, Britney and Kim are fucking hot and I’d personally pay big bucks to watch a hot threesome between them. For those of you who don’t know who Kim Kardashian is…or who it is she’s having sex with. She’s the Daughter of O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Robert Kardashian, the Stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Medallist Bruce Jenner and the Best Friend of Paris Hilton; He’s a Best-Selling Indie Hip Hop Recording Artist Who Has Been Linked with Lil’Kim and Most Recently Whitney Houston. And since I’m such a nice guy, here is a little video which doesn’t do much but show you that she truely is as hot as I think she is

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