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Katrin Tequila finds out that she has messed up the quarterly reports again. Thank god she has her boyfriends friend/supervisor Victor Solo there to save her ass, now its time she gave him some ass. After a nice big hug thanking him for his help Katrin wants Victor to relax with a naughty blow job. Once she finds her way to his big cock she’s impressed with the size, as it gets harder. She is a slow and gentle cock sucker. Hi is really nervous about someone walking in on them. Katrin tells him “don’t worriy I give blow jobs all the time.” Victor tells her. “keep sucking, lick my balls.” “yeah good girl.” She licks his balls like you would a pussy. I see some girl on girl action in her future! Katrin Tequila ready to take it to the next level. “Do you want to fuck me?” How can he say no to that. He takes off her clothes puts her missionary on the desk. He sticks his big cock in her meaty pussy. It’s so wet you can see her juices dripping down his dick. “It feels so good.” Victor Solo smacks her ass, grabs the backof her neck. “Tell me how much you like it.” He gives her a few hard thrust to make sure she remembers who the boss is. She got a little freak on her hands. Victor then flips her over doggie style. “Spread that ass baby!” He does a few soft strokes but at her request she wants it hard and fast. Well she’s going to get what she asked for. I think these next two positions are interesting. He picks one leg up and fucks her sideways bent over the desk. Then he turns her around facing him picks her up off the floor completly and bangs the shit out of her. VERY NICE!!!!!!!! Guess he’s getting his work out for the day. He is amazed how tight her pussy is as he’s spoon fucks her on the desk. Time fly’s when your having fun but it’s time to get back to work. Katrin Tequila thanks him once again for all his help as his hot cum is being shot all over her face. Just another day at the office!

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