I love everything about this sexy Alexis Brill, hot little housewife

Alexis Brill is super hot, wearing super short shorts and hot pink pumps, and she has the raspiest voice I have ever heard. Smoker, anyone? She plays it up in the video, saying that she and her husband got in a fight the night before and that’s why she’s hoarse, but I wonder if she talks like that all the time or was she really just yelling at someone? Oh yeah, Joann again … yay. Alexis Brill has beautifully shiny long black hair with bangs, and it looks great on her. I wonder if I could rock bangs? Some of you reading this know me, and what do you think? I think about it sometimes and then shy away from it. big brown eyes and lots of piercings. And holy shit, what an awesome, all natural body she has, this girl is super sexy and very hot. She does a good POV, too, working the camera with those big doe eyes, and her attitude is so playful and fun that I actually don’t even mind that Joannt isn’t really in the scene. She rocks, and I think I might have a crush. And because it was a POV, it was fun watching Joann slowly work his big dick into her tight little clit-pierced pussy. She wants him bad but begs for him to take it slow and then, just minutes later, she is begging him to rail her hard. Before you know it, she is screaming, “I want it! I want it!” and you can hear her pussy getting wet. It is so hot and so real, I love it because you can feel the build up between the two of them, and the suspense is fucking hot. As the scene progresses, the sex heats up and gets hotter and hotter until she finally drops to her knees for a hand job/blow job until he blows his load all over her gorgeous face. And then that hot little mama promises to give him road head in the car on their trip. Yeah. Hot.

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