I Had Her First Aholes - Bailey Blue

Teen cutie Bailey Blue stars in her first hardcore porn shoot. You see, I booked Bailey for Casting Couch Teens back before she become a notable pornstar but I had the misfortune of holding on to her episode a bit too long. Those studio fuckers over in Cali picked her up and shoot 5 scenes with her. They stole my amateur thunder. I guess that is neither here nor there. Anyways, amateur teen Bailey showed up at my house for her shoot in fugly ugg boots, cute little jean skirt and tight blue tank top. Her brown hair was long and flowing. I asked her a few basic interview questions, but the one that stuck out in my head was her answer to, Why become a pornstar, she straight up said. Bailey Kiss loved to get fucked, the harder the better. She slowly started stripping of her clothes, flashing that cute teen ass all up in the camera. My buddy came on set, grabbed her ass cheeks, gave them a shake, then dove face first into her sweet kitten. Bailey Blue spread her legs wide, grabbed my buddy by his head and slammed it down between her legs. My buddy licked her from ass to pussy, not even coming up for breath. She was soaking wet by now and needed to have her love whole filled with cock meat. My buddy bent her over the couch slammed her man trap until Bailey Blue came. Once is not enough for a girl like that, so she jumped on his cock for a cow girl ride that left my buddy batter and bruised. She finished him off by sucking his stick till he coated her tits with cock paste. No wonder Bailey is a big star now.

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