Fun, in the warm California sun

By The 18 year old was starting school next week and was itchin to go out with me before having to conform to a daily school-work-home routine and, after last night’s really chillax evening spent, I decided to take her to Universal Studios Hollywood. I haven’t been there in years and she is fascinated easily, so I figured it would be nostalgic to see all the shows and behind the scenes shit that I saw oh so many years ago. And, more importantly (I guess), my “girlfriend” has never been there before so this would make for some “quality time” points. Before we even made it to the entrance, there was a fuckin plaza known as The City Walk that enticed the 18 year old to wanna shop and play video games, but fuck that – I came out to Hollywood to watch some motherfuckin stuntmen entertain me, NOT TO SHOP. I told her we’d hit up the stores tonight and that we needed to have an itinerary to maximize our time in the park, so she made sense of my logic and we proceeded through the gates (and I had NO intention of shopping tonight – not gonna happen) and grabbed a schedule pamphlet at the information booth. We started at the infamous Studio Tour and I tried to get into it, but it seemed real kiddie because I remembered most of the shit that we saw like it was yesterday; being that this was a new experience to my “girlfriend”, she was really excited at the different exhibits we saw and got into it like a fuckin tourist – at least one of us was satisfied. We then checked out all the new shows (over 75% of them I haven’t seen before) that I found to be fun as fuck, as we were like kids on a school fieldtrip. At the end of the day, we were exhausted. She mentioned some shit about wanting to one day work in Hollywood and I said “that would be awesome” but thought to myself “there’s no chance in hell with your skills – unless it’s in porn”. And speaking of porn. When we got back to my place, she immediately jumped on me and knocked me over, swarming me with kisses. She told me how much she loved me and how good of a fuckin man I am to her, and I told her to never forget that, as I ripped her top off to expose her beautiful knockers. has taught me how to seize the moment and I was going to take full advantage of this “love making” session. We did it three times tonight and I am fuckin drained. Remember this my brothers: quality time with the “girlfriend” comes back to lick you in the cock ten fold—cock karma. It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the thought that counts – it may sound cliché, but shit, getting good pussy has the same formula it’s had for centuries… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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