Dillion Harper is barely 18 and incredibly gorgeous

Is a sensual pleasure to watch. And gentlemen, she does it in the butt. Apparently, Dillion only does anal, but she certainly has a perfect ass for it. It’s big and juicy, and she knows how to shake and slap it … the girl’s definitely got rhythm. And her face is absolutely gorgeous, with big full lips, and her hair is in super cute pigtails. Is she black hispanic? I think so, but I’m not sure. And she has huge real boobs to match her beautiful ass. I love how she starts the scene with this hot little come-fuck-me look and the words, “Wanna see me get fucked in the ass?” And Alex can’t wait to deliver the goods. We like to call Alex God the kissing bandit because he loves sneaking kisses to all the ladies, but he is so endearing in all his scenes because you can tell he really loves his job and loves fucking all those beautiful ladies. As he’s tonguing her ass, he keeps telling her over and over how fucking beautiful she is … and she is. He rubs baby oil all over her ass and wears her panties as a necklace, and they are so sweet and making out the entire scene. You can tell they are genuinely into each other. I love scenes like that, where I can tell they like each other and are enjoying themselves. It adds to the voyeur fantasy I have of peeking in and watching two people have sex,  and these two make me think I am looking into their own bedroom … it appears so real. And Alex Gody really seems to love her ass. He licks it and sucks it and sticks his finger in it while licking her pussy … he is all about the ass, and then of course he puts his dick in it and fucks her good and hard. I love when they get in the 69. I think I mentioned this in a previous, but I would love to see more scenes with the 69. So hot, the give and take, with both people enjoying themselves while pleasuring the other. He tells her she has a “good pussy, baby” while he licks and sucks, but he’s not allowed to go in it any deeper than a tongue, I guess. Dicks in the ass only with this hot little lady!! When they get to fucking, they pretty much cover all the bases … or positions … doing it anal from beginning to end. They start by spooning with her leg up, followed by some tongue fucking of her ass. Then they do the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl, while he rubs her clit. He finishes with a cum shot on the face, and you can tell they are both spent. This is a hot scene, and if you like anal, especially with girls who look (and are) really young, then this is a great one to watch.
And on a side note. I’d just like to share a milestone in my sexual experiences thus far. You all probably know by now how much I love anal, and I’ve discovered recently my favorite place for it is in the shower … I guess because it’s so slippery and he can cum in my ass instead of all over my stomach.

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