Dark-haired wanted a tattoo and gets a good fuck

Kimberly wants a new tattoo in the side of her beautiful pussy, a red little heart. She is wearing black see-though lingerie as top and a sexy short. When she opens to the tattooist, she gets directly horny seeing the man that he is, tall sexy and muscled.
While he prepared the tattooing equipment, Kimberly is trying to excite him with her feet and heels and her practically naked body. It is obvious that she is willing for more after having the tattoo, she is a nasty girl.
As he finishes, he jumps on her to kiss her glossy lips and breasts. They get in the room for more.
Paolo bent her over and slowly slid his dick into her tiny pussy. She loves it and moans the whole time. He finished all over her beautiful face and body.

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