Chad Rockwell & Jasmine Jae sex couple, I love it

Ever since I saw Jasmine Jae in her Naughty Office scene, I have been a fan … when she was bent over the desk and her legs went on for miles. And she does not disappoint in this episode of My Sister’s Hot Friend. She is incredibly hot, with gorgeous long brown curly hair and big blue eyes. I love that coloring on people, dark hair and light eyes … not very common and always attractive. Jasmine has huge boobs … I’m pretty sure they’re fake, but they are big and luscious, a nice cute ass and super long legs. And I don’t remember this from her Naughty Office scene, but she has a huge back tattoo and a clit ring, which of course just makes her look super naughty. Jasmine Jae gives a good blow job with lots of spit, but personally I think she uses too much hand when she’s sucking on the head only and jerking him off really fast, so it’s more like a hand job instead of a blow job. I mean, if you want to jerk him off, cool but I’d rather see a good ol’ fashioned blow job where she swallows his dick, balls deep. But maybe that’s just me. And because it’s Chad Rockwell the kissing bandit strikes again!! … the scene is really tender and sweet. He kisses her foot and sucks on her toes before going in for the pussy, and then he just rubs his face in it and loves it, like he just can’t believe his good fortune at being here kneeling down before this goddess. And then even as they go into the missionary position with one of her legs up on his shoulder, he is still sneaking kisses and licking her toes. It’s very sweet and looks genuine and heartfel, like he really has had a crush on her for years and is nervous to be this close to his sister’s hot friend. Very sweet or … hell, some fine ass acting, but it makes the scene realistic and fun to watch. And girls like Jasmine Jae should always ride cowgirl because she has an absolutely perfect ass, just look at the above picture!! I could do 300 squats a day and not have that ass, but it’s a perfect position for her (and us watching!!) because it’s a good angle for the camera and you can see how super wet she is, too. Throughout the entire scene, Chad Rockwell looks like he’s about to explode, and Jasmine is fucking HOT!!! They both look really into each other, and I love how as the scene progresses, Jade gets more and more sweaty. That really turns me on, watching porn when the girls get sweaty. I guess because I love to get sweaty, too, during sex. I get really into it and love getting dirty, nasty, and really sweaty.

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