Casting. Apetit blonde found herself a lover in the face of the agent.

At one fine moment, the life of a pretty girl went downhill. She was abandoned by her husband and the house that was in the loan was taken by the bank. She was left alone on the street. When she was sadly noticed by a passing man, he offered her how to earn money, to take part in casting for the role of a porn movie actress. In fact, the man just liked her, he wanted to make love to her, but he understood that she would not go with him for free. A beautiful woman wore stockings and had a long talk with a man about what she liked and what did not. He tested her ability to do blowjob. Chubby lips opened, and closed only when the thick head of his penis was inside her mouth. Dick vibrated behind her cheek. And when the fingers reached the crotch, then loves realized how much she was excited. It turns out she was hungry for sex and was ready to put her legs in front of the first counter for free. Strangely enough, but after this night they began a long relationship.

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