Are These Gay, Tony Dias & Andy Star

A friend brought up the other day Tony Dias & Andy Star that there is just some porn he doesn’t get. It got me thinking and it’s not so much there is porn I don’t get it’s that there is a lot of porn that just seems kind of gay to me. Double penetrations is one of the things that I have a blog about that seems gay. I just can’t get into the idea of my balls being along side of another guys balls. But double anal, where your cock is actually rubbing against the others, where, in fact, there is as much contact with the other cock as there is with the female, now that seems just really fucking gay. And then there are shemales, or chicks with dicks or dicks with tits or trannies or whatever. I really don’t understand how anyone can look at this in any other light than gay. Or perhaps really fucked up. But this clip is just too much for my mind to handle….lesbian shemales fucking. I don’t get it.but will post a video from Tranny Perverts for you to see if you can explain it to me.

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